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With the con just a few days a way, we wanted to send out a friendly reminder pertaining to cosplay costume & prop regulations. We want our con to be safe and enjoyable for everyone and in order to do that we have to implement some rules!


Below is the regulations for Cosplay and Cosplay props. The general guidelines that we follow are simple, if it has the potential to cause bodily harm then it will not be allowed. Every Prop/weapon will be checked at our Weapon inspection table, and WILL BE TAGGED. If you have multiple props the each will need to be inspected and the tag must be easily seen. These props will ONLY BE ALLOWED ON THE CONVENTION GROUNDS AND NOT IN THE ATTACHED RESTAURANT AND BAR.

All costumes and props are subject to inspection before entry to the convention. By attending the show, you agree to abide by our guidelines. Con staff reserve the right to use their judgment regarding entry (or not) of all costumes and props. Anyone who violates these rules may be disqualified from con entry and the cosplay contest.


First and foremost, this is a family-friendly show. Please keep this in mind and use good judgment when selecting which costumes and props to bring to the show.

All weapons must be non-functional. The following are NOT allowed:

Airsoft rifles or paintball guns

Illegal weapons (obviously)

Water pistols with water in them (if you have painted a water pistol as a prop and there is no water in it, that is OK)

All fake guns must have an OBVIOUS orange tip.

No metal weapons: This includes metal tips, swords, knives, throwing stars, etc.

No sharp weapon edges or tips: This includes wooden tips and edges that are too sharp.

No projectile objects: Do not project fake arrows, do not throw glitter or fake snow, etc.

No potentially hazardous special effects (pyrotechnics, etc.)

No profanity on clothes.

No nudity.

Shoes must be worn at all times.

All costumes/props must be self-contained. You will not be allowed to plug into a con outlet for electricity, for example.

Any weapons used in an offensive or dangerous manner will be confiscated.

Items that ARE OK:

PVC and wooden handles (for staffs, tridents, etc., as long as there are no sharp edges or tips)

Light-up props and costumes (as long as they are self-contained and don’t require an outlet for electricity)

IMPORTANT→ If you have any questions or concerns about whether your costume or props adhere to these rules, please contact us by e-mail us at FOURSTATECOMICCON@GMAIL.COM in advance.

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