We will have these for sale to vendors during registration only. They are $10 and must be used for people working your booth. Please do not take advantage of this so we can keep these ticket prices low.



March 23 and 24 


Hager Hall Conference and Event Center
901 Dual Hwy, Hagerstown MD 21740

Saturday, March 23 from 11am - 7pm                                    
Sunday, March 24 from 11am - 5pm

Friday, March 22 from 2pm - 8pm
Saturday, March 23 from 7am -10:45am

(All handcarts must be off the floor and aisles cleared by 10:45am)

There are no stairs, and we can use two ways to bring in all your wonderful merchandise. The first is through the doors in the pic above at the Con Entrance, these are double doors with easy access. The 2nd way to load in is through the side entrance that has a small ramp to it. If this get too congested we may have a 3rd way but we can evaluate that during that time. Do not come earlier than 2pm Friday. Check in will be located right in the Lobby. We will have packets to give you that will have Con Info, a survey, badges, and more so please make sure you check in. We will have bottled water and some finger snacks to keep your energy up!

We understand that set-up can be intense and a hectic time so if we have some extra staff available we can assist you to help get whatever you need.  Please unload your vehicle and move it away from the entrance so other vendors can pull up. During show hours we ask that you park in the rear lot so we can give our patrons some good spots. “If you keep them happy, they will spend”.  If you purchased electricity be sure to bring an extension cord. If you still want to purchase electric it may be available so please ask upon your arrival.


  • NO HANDCARTS ON THE FLOOR DURING SHOW HOURS, this is a safety issue and an insurance requirement.

  • No breaking down or closing of your both until the floor show is closed. We understand the last hour of a Con can be slow but sometimes that last couple people make some good sales. Especially with all that Con Cash floating around!!!

  • Vendors may bring their own snacks and (non-alcoholic) beverages but please try and refrain from bringing in large meals such as pizza delivery and such. There will be some adult beverages available to be purchased at the concession stand but will be strictly monitored. Vendors who appear to be intoxicated will be asked to close down for the remainder of the show with no refund or recourse. (Hagerstown show only)

  • There is a concession stand on the show floor that has some tasty food along with a restaurant on the property which is delicious and each vendor badge will get you a discount the entire weekend at Barefoot Bernie’s. The restaurant will have a waitress on the floor taking orders for anyone who would like to order anything.  (Hagerstown show only)

  • SMILE and HAVE FUN. This helps create a warm and relaxed environment which keeps up positive attitudes and may help “loosen” some wallets. 

  • If you have any issues or problems, please don’t let them fester. Bring it to the attention of any of our staff so we can fix it if possible. 

  • WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU…..This show is brought to you by people who attend other conventions and vend at other conventions. We understand the struggles and the vendor aspect and we want to make it the best we can for all of you. We will be walking around and talking to you so please let us know and be sure to fill out your survey. 

  • Please keep in mind that we sold out 6 weeks before this show regarding vendor spaces. We will offer you all an early sign up during the convention. WE WILL NOT BE RAISING PRICES for the next Hagerstown show….we have no reason to at this time. Dates will be released that weekend. If you sign up early we will offer a “pick your spot” bonus. 

  • In regard to securing your booths each night, our crew will be the last ones to leave each night after clearing the building, and also the first people to enter. This facility is also heavily monitored by surveillance cameras. 

  • Each of you should have received an email regarding MD Sales Tax. Unfortunately as the show grows so does the attention.  We have nothing in this so please forward any questions to the contact from your email. They are also collecting 10% at the gate but fear not we will not be raising any prices in regards to tickets either. (Hagerstown show only)

  • Sunday is our Family Fun Day with lots of activities planned.