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Welcome Celebrity Guest - Gene Snitsky

ITS NOT MY FAULT! Please welcome to the Four State Comic Con, Gene Snitsky!

Gene has faced off against some of the WWE's Superstars and had a large ongoing feud between Kane and Lita. Gene has had some historic moments during his wrestling career such as being part of the WWE: RAW 100- The top 100 moments in RAW history, Top 10 Royal Rumble Eliminations, and the Top 50 OMG Moments in WWE History. Gene is a 2018 inductee in the PA Sports Hall of Fame. Gene now focuses his energy on acting and producing. He has been in a number of independent films, infomercials, episodes of ABC’s “What Would You Do?” and most recently has produced his first independent film “100 Acres of Hell” in which he has the lead role, is a Producer, Lead Stunt Coordinator, and writer.

Gene also celebrates his passion for Comics as he is a HUGE Batman Fan. Please welcome Gene to #teamfourstate !

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